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Reclaim your focus with ~12 lines of bash

Computers are a tool that you can use or be used by. I have written about my tool-taming tactics before, including blocking distracting websites in my hosts file. My “checking” function is the natural evolution of that tactic.

It implements the core functionality of popular anti-procrastination apps like ColdTurkey, LeechBlock NG, Freedom, and Self Control in just ~12 lines of bash.

Here’s how to get set up with “checking”:

  1. Back-up your existing /etc/hosts file.
  2. Rename it to /etc/hosts-checking.
  3. Create a copy of it at /etc/hosts-doing, and add all the distracting websites to it. My personal kryptonite: Email, HackerNews,, Website Stats, and Spotify for Artists for my band.
  4. Add the “checking” function below to your ~/.bashrc. (Sorry, fish/zsh/nushell/powershell users. I’m sure you’re smart enough to convert this stupid-simple function to your shell scripting language of choice!)
  5. Run source ~/.bashrc.
  6. Optional: to avoid entering your password every time, edit your sudoers file (with sudo visudo /etc/sudoers) and add two lines to the end: user ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ln -sf /etc/hosts-checking /etc/hosts and user ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ln -sf /etc/hosts-doing /etc/hosts (replacing "user" with your username).

Here’s how to use it:

checking 15m

You can pass the duration in any unit the sleep function accepts (checking 12s, checking 1hr, etc)

Here’s the thing itself:

function checking () {
    #set -x
    #set -o errexit
    export DURATION="${1:-1m}"
    echo "Starting a Checking session lasting ${DURATION}"
    sudo ln -sf /etc/hosts-checking /etc/hosts && resolvectl flush-caches
    echo "Distracting websites and comms unblocked!"
    sleep "$DURATION"
    notify-send "Checking session complete! Close your tabs."
    sleep 1m
    sudo ln -sf /etc/hosts-doing /etc/hosts && resolvectl flush-caches
    echo "Done"
    trap "sudo ln -sf /etc/hosts-doing /etc/hosts" INT # Handle Ctrl+C
    #systemctl suspend

It’s so simple, it’s essentially self-documenting.

Notice the 1-minute grace period, with a reminder that it’s time to wrap things up.

The optional suspend at the end is just to drive the point home, and give a moment to clear the brain. (If I actually pay attention and stop when the notification pops up, I can hit Ctrl+C.)

Here are some ideas of what you can block in your hosts-doing:

  1. News sites
  2. Analytics and dashboards
  3. Feed readers
  4. Social media
  5. Email and Chat

This is just an example. I only bother blocking services I (over) use, and I put one site per line for readability.

Obviously, don’t block anything you need for your real work.

Also, to borrow Tiny Tiny RSS’s charming disclaimer1: “There’s no warranty. If it breaks you get to keep both parts.”